Welcome to Spanish!

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I hope you find this site as useful and productive as possible. The purpose of this page is to provide students with the opportunity to keep practicing Spanish familiar topics learned in class. You will find that some of the videos have words that are new to the students. This is fine! You can google translate or if you have a Spanish -English dictionary find the meaning and add it to your list of words. You will not need to know Spanish to help your child practice the vocabulary, but they will need help with the links. This site is organized by grade level and topics. Feel free to navigate through others grade levels pages.

I hope your child practices as many times as he/she wants or until they feel that they mastered the topics, and also they can sing the songs from the videos to help with fluency of the language. I will be adding more online resources every week.

Every week you will find a specific activity to do with your child. Make sure you to check it out at the bottom of your grade page level.

If there is anything I can do to help your child to get through this new way of learning or if you have questions, please email me at: iradelmoral@saintvdp.org

God bless and keep up the hard work!

Mrs. Del Moral

Mrs. Del Moral

Have fun learning!