2nd grade

Mar 15-26

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2nd Graders Spanish Routine --->

Make a routine when you start with your Spanish Lesson

  1. Watch any video below that you want to review this week.

  2. Do the Signal of the Cross in Spanish and pray Glory Be to the father in Spanish.

  3. Watch my lesson below (video) if there is any, otherwise go to the lesson.

  4. Work on the activities assign for the week.

  5. Don't forget to fill out the when you finish the lesson.


Sign of the Cross / La Señal de la Cruz

En el nombre del Padre, del Hijo, y del Espíritu Santo,


Glory Be to the Father / Gloria

Gloria al Padre, y al Hijo y al Espíritu Santo, como en un principio, ahora y siempre por los siglos de los siglos



I can hear and say Señora Ira's phrase in Spanish.

I can make my own phrase using transportation.

I can read, write and say 4 places in Spanish.

I can respond to the question Adonde vas y Como vas? Where are you going and How are you going to get there?


Make sure to check-in all the I can statements from last week, before doing the new lesson. Practice all the words for transportation.

Watch Señora Ira's video. Try to respond to the question. ¿Adónde vas? Where are you going?

como vas? how are you going to get there?

Example: Voy a la oficina en tren. I am going to the office by train.

Vocabulary to work on this week: Write them down and repeat out loud.

La escuela/school

El parque/ park

La clase/classroom

la cafeteria/cafeteria

el gimnasio/gym

Voy a /I am going to


2nd Grade Vocabulary


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