1ST grade

May 11-15

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1st Graders Spanish Routine --->

Make a routine when you begin with your Spanish Lesson

  1. Do the Signal of the Cross in Spanish.

  2. Watch any video that you want below to review a topic.

  3. Watch Mrs. Ira's lesson if there is any for the week.

  4. Work on the activities assign for the week.

  5. Fill out the form when you finish the lesson.


Sign of the Cross / La Señal de la Cruz

En el nombre del Padre, del Hijo, y del Espíritu Santo,



I can say the Commands from the last week video.

I can hear, read and repeat the Commands from PowerPoint.

I can match picture with the word.


Make sure to check-in all the I can statements from last week, before doing the new lesson.

Watch Señora Ira's video from last week about Commands. Repeat the words after her.

Watch video of the week from Señora Ira (PowerPoint) about Commands.

After finished watching the video, write each word on the worksheet.

ACCIONES WRITE THE WORD 1st Grade May 11.docx

Write each word in Spanish. Print it if possible

Acciones Kindergarten & 1st Grade.pptx

Watch PowerPoint again. (Practice)


Watch Me gustan todas las frutas. "I love all the fruits"

Sing along