1ST grade

April 20-24

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1st Graders Spanish Routine --->

Make a routine when you begin with your Spanish Lesson

  1. Do the Signal of the Cross in Spanish.

  2. Watch any video that you want below to review a topic.

  3. Watch my lesson if there any and practice vocabulary for fluency.

  4. Work on the activities assign for the week.

  5. Fill out the form when you finish the lesson.


1st Grade Vocabulary

Copy of 1st Grade Vocabulary

Click Links to watch Videos


Prayer: Sign of the Cross

La Señal de la Cruz

En el nombre del Padre, del Hijo, y del Espíritu Santo,


Mini Lesson for the Week of

April 20-24

I can statement for this week

I can read and sing Numbers in Spanish from 1-15.

I can point to any number and say it in Spanish

I can count objects at my house in Spanish.

Activity for April 20-24

Do the Spanish Routine first (see above)

Watch Lesson from Señora Ira (see below)

Do the worksheet: you can print it or do it on a different piece of paper. Use rocks, crayons or any other pieces to help you count when you are matching.

Draw each line with a different color.

Use your notes for the numbers in Spanish

1st grade

Watch Señora Ira's video April 20-24